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Magerealm_Frost Lord


Frost Lord is a member of the Jotun, or Frost Giants, and hails from the far northern mountains of the Realm. His lineage goes back to Ymir, the first Frost Giant, and one of the most ancient and powerful bloodlines in the Realm. Although the Jotun normally live in isolation and are indifferent to the affairs of other races, the demonic invasion has shook the lands all the way to the North. In response to the Mage Council’s request for aid, the Jotun king held a tournament to choose the mightiest warrior to represent his people. Frost Lord was able to defeat a hundred of the strongest Jotun warriors in ritual combat to claim his position. Crowned as Champion of the Jotun, Frost Lord was sent to push back the demonic hordes. 
On the battlefield, Frost Lord holds an overpowering presence; his stature alone will have lesser enemies quivering in fear. His Runic Pillar is nearly indestructible and is the perfect weapon to crush those unfortunate enough to cross this Giant’s path. Call upon the might of the Frost Giants to smash through your enemies on the way to victory!


1.Shattering Strike: Swings his totem pole into enemies in front, dealing ATK damage and slows targets.

2.War Path: Slams the totem pole into the earth, dealing ATK damage to surrounding enemies and stuns.

3.Hard Core: Hardened body increase damage reduction.

4.Healing: Has chance to regain health when dealing damage successfully. 

5.Roar of Intimidation: Releases a roar of intimidation, dealing ATK damage to surrounding enemies and inflicts fear.

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