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Magerealm_Dragon Crusaders


Background Story:

Long ago, there was a magic dragon raging. Thousands of warriors tried to kill it to protect human beings,but all failed. Finally three brave young men work together to use their own spells and powers to kill the dragon. They stripped the Dragon skin into armor. Later generations called them Dragon Slayer. And the clothes were said to be invulnerable.







During the events time, players will be able to get map pieces after finishing Daily Events such as Egg Hunt, Crucible Of Angel and Queen Maze every time. Besides Daily Events, you also have chance to get pieces in World Boss, Duel, Ladder, Evil Banisher by chance. There are only blue pieces in events and dungeons. To get Purple and Legendary Pieces, you may draw in the chests in Treasure Map. Warriors, to collect pieces and seize Dragonslayer Set.


1 Aptitude Stone*100
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
2 Aptitude Stone*90
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
3 Aptitude Stone*80
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
4 Aptitude Stone*70
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
5 Aptitude Stone*60
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
6 Aptitude Stone*50
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
7 Aptitude Stone*40
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
8 Aptitude Stone*30
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
9 Aptitude Stone*20
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49
10 Aptitude Stone*10
Dragonslayer Knight Shard*49

New Fashion:



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