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Magerealm_Turf War Guide

Turf War is currently newest updated gameplay between guilds added into Magerealm.
This gameplay is available to players lvl 40 and higher. Only the strongest may join! Boost your battle rating and fight with your friends!
You can access Turf War by going into Daily Event's -> Guild -> Turf War. 

System is accessable from 10:00-22:00 from Monday to Thurstday every week.
Only top 6 guilds can join this system and fight against other guilds to gain more resources.
Click on "Join" to access the gameplay.

1.) This "Building" is the enemy player shown right after you enter the turf war. (Each enemy player will be shown as "building" with their IGN and B.R. showing.
2.) Attack Time, you can gain only 3 free attempts per day, next day your attempts will be reseted. More Attack Times can be purchased by using Realm gems. (60 Realm gems per attempt, each additional attempt will increase 2x. Example: 1st attempt 60 realmgems, 2nd attempt 120 realmgems, 3rd attempt 180 realmgems etc...)
3.) By clicking on "My Guild" you can access "Buildings" of your friends from your guild and your own as well.

1.) Weekly Rank, click on this icon to see your weekly ranks.
You can see lighted 5 stars at each of your guildfriends. When your friends will be attacked they will lose 1 of their stars (may lose all of them also) if your friend is killed. The more stats the enemy choose to attack you the stronger boost you´ll gain, or the lower the starts they choose the weaker you get.
(Example check picutre below)

1.) If you choose 1 Star challenge enemy's BR will be lowered by -20%.
2.) If you choose 2 Star challenge enemy's BR will be lowered by -10%
3.) If you choose 3 Star challenge enemy's BR will stay the same as they have.
4.) If you choose 4 Star challenge enemy's BR will be boosted by +10% in BR.
5.) If you choose 5 Star challenge enemy's BR will be boosted by +20% in BR.
It is dependable of star you choose that the enemy BR will be. When your opponent lose all his stars he cannot continue playing in this turf war (not as long as the event is on, but it is meant the enemy is killed and he cannot continue with the current match).

Let's get back to the main interface you´ll get when you join the War.
1.) Daily Star chest. The more you gain stars from challenging enemy the better rewards you can get daily!

1.) We have also prepared overall ranking rewards which can be collected after the whole event is over.
Hope you will enjoy this new gameplay in Magerealm! 

Made by: MoonLighty

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