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Magerealm_Cumulative Recharge Gifts







Recharge required amount of Diamonds of enormous resource and rare items!


Recharge 1,000 Diamonds totally
Anima Ⅰ *20 ; EXP Potion Ⅰ *20
Recharge 2,000 Diamonds totally
Potential Chest Ⅰ *10 ; Star Vein *2
Recharge 5,000 Diamonds totally
Siphon Stone *5 ; Hero Inherit Potion *10
Recharge 10,000 Diamonds totally
Lvl.5 Talent Chest *2 ; EXP Potion Ⅰ *40 ; Potential Chest Ⅰ *20
Recharge 20,000 Diamonds totally
Hallowed Stone Ⅳ*40 ; Anima Ⅰ *40 ; Star Vein *6

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