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Magerealm_Achievements (Medal) and Story Path


This Guide was made by: freyafm

A. Achievements (Medal) 
B. Story Path 
Both can be unlocked at Level 20 and are great guides, especially when you are not sure what else you can do in the game.
You can access, both Medal and Story, form the right upper corner. (see picture below)

In Medal  you can gain great rewards ! All you have to do is to meet the requirements. 

There is a big number of medals that you can acquire:  Novice, Apprentice, Adept etc. (see picture below) . Not only that you increase your character’s Medal rank, but in the same time, buy doing every task in there, you receive great rewards. As soon as you have finished all the tasks from a Medal, you will own it. So keep an eye on that one!

We can also see Overview. This a general pannel for information. You can see how many Medals, Titles you have and also their bonus stats.

In Title you can see what you have to win in order to own such Titles. Only the best get a grasp of them, so hurry up and take what’s yours!

Story Path acts exactly like a storyline. While you advance with your character, you unlock in Story Path new Chapters. Each Chapter has few pages, so make sure you have a look in there and see how many are missing from there in order for you to complete the Chapter. 

 You get your Chapters completed by doing Story (Realmgem), In Dungeon Hall .

You have 10 free attempts daily and the possibility to buy more with diamonds. Getting more stars also gives you great chest rewards. (see picture below).

There are 3 stages in each dungeon, 1 Star for each stage completed. Please keep in mind that if you used “Auto Attack”, after you defeated everyone in a dungeon, you might want to consider to stay in there a little longer and look around if there are any hidden rewards/chests. (see pictures below)

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