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Magerealm_Hero Guide


This guide was made by: freyafm

In Magerealm you will have form where to choose! An assortment of heroes, all shapes and sizes, awaits for you to bring them to life. Choose wisely though, find the heroes who best match your class and they will act like you right-hand man.

You can recruit Heroes from “Recruit Heroes” function. For more information on Heroes, click here.

Heroes are divided by 3 types:

Warrior: Typically melee, high HP with defensive abilities, and some offense
Assassin: High attack/or crit value, able to quickly deal great damage
Support: Able to provide HP recovery and typical have control skills

When you will reach Level 18, Hero function will become available (see the picture below).

Once opened that function you will have 2 main tabs:
Hero Party
(See the picture below)

Heroes play an important role in combat alongside your character. Assign a hero in the Hero menu and they will follow you in the battle. They will become incapacitated when HP reaches 0
In Hero Party you will be able to Deploy your first hero at the beginning of your game and 2 more Heroes will become available as Substitute at level 48 and 55. When your primary Hero dies in battle, the Heroes in the sub slots will replace that Hero until the end of the Dungeon
Also from this tab you can access “Recruit” and you can see how many Hero Badges you have (you will need them to recruit better Heroes).

Hero tab will grant you access to many futures that require plenty of attention, such as:

Deploy/Rest  Simply select the Hero that you want to Deploy or Rest
Substitute Only Heroes who are not Deployed can be Substituted. So once you’ve unlocked a slot, you can Substitute any Hero you desire.

Dismiss Heroes that you have more than once in order to get Hero Badges (used  to recruit Heroes)

Bestow it’s used to inherit a Hero into another, so double check before!

e) Growth, Level, Potential, Siphon, Pentacle
 You can also see what class your Hero is.

A properly trained hero will become an indispensable ally to a Mage. There are many ways to improve your heroes.

Hero Growth: This is another method to make your Hero stronger (unlocks at Level 23)

Hero level: The most basic method of improving your hero is to lever them up with EXP potion. Heroes gain basic stat increases every level. Every Hero has their own level cap, based on the quality of that Hero.

Hero Potential: Another method to improve your hero’s effectiveness is through Hero Potential. You can upgrade your Hero’s HP, attack, or defence using the related essence type. Maxing all 3 categories will increase your potential level by 1. The higher you Hero’s current potential, the more essence you will need to upgrade to the next level. (Unlocks at Level 42)


Hero Siphon: When you draw a hero you already possess, you can break down that hero card into hero soulshards and siphon them with your main Hero to increase their Siphon level. Higher siphon level provides stats boosts depending on the hero, as well +1 to their skill levels. (Unlocks at Level 49)

Hero Pentacle: Finally, each Hero has a Pentacle. Filling a corner of the pentacle with a star will increase the Hero’s star level by 1 while providing bonus stats. Once you reach start level 5, the Glyph slot opens in the middle. Slotting a Glyph will greatly increase the Hero’s HP, attack and defence. (Unlocks at Level 44)

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