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Spirit Guardian_New Hero: Amber


The love affair between Amber, Runeblade and Cao Cao has been discussed quite a lot by people in history. The Lords of war in Spirit Guardian has always been dominated by male heroes, so when Azure joined in the last version, she enjoyed a high popularity. This time, with Amber showing up, these two beautiful sisters bring out cheers from the battlers. Let’s have a look at what Amber looks like:

Skills Introduction:

Ultimate Skill: 

As a female hero with violence factor, the ultimate skill for her is 100 % handsome Amber’s Craft. Amber fires a massive Ice Ray that deals 280% attack damage and randomly freezes for one to five seconds, affected heroes can’t heal for 4 seconds. The ability that stops enemies from recovering HP makes her indispensable in Lords of War.

Karma’s Cycle:
Amber launches an ice ball that hits 3 enemies, dealing damage and freezing. 
The skills of Amber reflects her special temper, but the power is strong. 

Second Contract:
Amber tosses an orb that does AoE damage after 0.5s, Amber deals extra damage to those hit by orb. 

Shadow Moon:
When attacked, Amber jumps back and gains ice shield, shield reduces enemies attack speed and move speed. 

Hidden Blossom: 
Amber greatly increases her attack and gains Ice Buff (increase damage and frozen targets). 


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