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LoA2_Recycle System


Recycle System consists of Hero Recycle, Equipment Recycle, Hero Rebirth and Relic Rebirth.

【Hero Recycle】

·Click “Recycle” in the bottom right of Main Panel to enter, choose“Hero Recycle”,click“Auto Add” to automatically add Heroes below Legendary quality, click “Recycle” to Recycle Hero.
[Recycle Provides]
·Can obtain Souls, EXP Scrolls and Bless Stones.
·Soul:Heroes consumed in Breakthrough are returned as Souls, which can be used to exchange Hero  Shards in Shop.
·EXP Scroll: Returns all EXP Scrolls used during upgrades in units of 1000, EXP portion less than 1000 is not returned.
·Bless Stone:Returns all Bless Stone except those in current EXP Meter, Gold used in Breakthrough are not returned.

【Equipment Recycle】

·Enter Recycle System, select“Equipment Recycle”,click auto add,to select Equipments below Legendary quality, click“Recycle”to recycle Equipment.
[Recycle Provides]
·Recycle Equipment to gain Pitchforks.
·Recycle Cultivated Equipment to receive all Gold and Refine Stone used in the process.

【Hero Rebirth】

·Enter Recycle System,select“Hero Rebirth”,choose a Hero and click“Rebirth”。
[Recycle Provides]
·Rebirth returns original Hero and resources used in the cultivation process.
·Returns all Hero EXP(EXP portion less than 1000 is not returned).
·Returns all Gold used in Upgrading.
·Returns all Prism and Heroes used in Breakthrough(Gold used in Breakthrough are not returned).
·Returns all Bless Stones(Bless Stones used in current rank of Breakthrough is not returned).

【Relic Rebirth】

·Enter Recycle System, select“Relic Rebirth”,choose a Relic and click“Rebirth”.
[Recycle Provides]
·Relic Rebirth returns original Relic and resources used in the cultivation process, costs 100 Diamonds to perform.
·Returns all EXP used in the Enhance.
·Gold used to Refine are not returned.
·Silver used in the Enhance are returned.

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