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Alecta is the executioner of the Angel Race. Born in darkness, her only purpose is to punish those who are guilty——whatever their crim may be, she is always there to make their body and soul suffer the worst of torment.

When Tanya left the Angels for a forbidden love with a Human, Alecta did her duty as a member of“SEED Regulatory Commission”despite having feelings of mercy. She cursed Tanya and her lover, causing Tanya to become the Dark Lord. Now Alecta is on the eternal hunt for the betrayer.


[Void Whisper] Deploy with Kay to gain 12% ATK
[Shadow Form] Deploy with Penn·Moon to gain 12% HP
[Sweet Revenge] Deploy with Norris to gain 12% ATK
[Demon Weep] Deploy with Aurora to gain 12% HP


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