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She is the embodiment of love and protection, under her tender and beautiful  features lies a powerful strength. Her white robe, Scepter of Guardianship and her grand wings attest to her royal existence. Calm, decisive and just, she vows to protect Sapphire to her last breath.

She founded the Midas Empire after the Dark Lord awakened. After the disintegration of the Angel Kingdom, she was left to rebuild. People followed her because of her unwavering promise to bring the land back to prosperous and peaceful days!

[Resolute Watcher] Deploy with Odin to gain 12% HP
[Frostguard] Deploy with Norris to gain 12% ATK
[Doomguard] Deploy with Breenda·Starlight to gain 10% HP
[Justice League] Deploy with Pan and Victoria to gain 18% HP and ATK


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