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LoA2_Palace Dungeon


Get in Palace Dungeon and earn rewards by AFK mode.   

[Gameplay Access] Click on "Palace Dungeon" in Multiplayer to get in.   

[Requirement] The character reaches lv. 25.                                                        


    1. Click on "Start AFK" to fight automatically and earn rewards.                                

    2. During AFK, the player can click on "Back" on the lower right corner, and play other dungeons. It will not affect AFK rewards.                             

    3. AFK consumes Energy. Energy reset daily at 05:00. Players can also buy energy with diamonds.         

    4. Players may choose the appropriate difficulty by switch stages. The higher the difficulty is, the more rewards the player can earn.                           

    5. Only when the player kills the boss of the current floor, the next level of difficulty can be unlocked.                        

    6. Team-up: The player can check "Team-up" to join in a random team automatically, which affords bonus besides rewards. ATTENTION: If the player leaves the team voluntarily, then he/she may not team-up automatically in 180 seconds.

[Rewards] Players can earn Slayer Seals, Runes, and various Relics Essences.        

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