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LoA2_X-server Wars


You can earn Honor and Points through X-server Wars.

[Gameplay Access]

    * Click on "X-server War" in X-server to get in.

    * Click on "Join Battle" to register for X-server Wars.

    * As a prompt box shows up, click on "Enter" to join in.


    * The character  reaches lv. 30.

    * X-server Wars are available from 13:00 to 23:00 every day.


    * Players can choose to sign for X-server as a single player or a group.

    * After successfully signning for X-server, players will get in Crystal Battlefield.

    * On the map, there are 3 ordinary crystal mines, which are located on East, West, and North, and a special crystal mine, which is located on the middle.

    * Ordinary crystal mines are open for multiple players to collect at the same time. Every successful collection earns the player 5 crystals.

    * Special crystal mine is open for single player to collect every time. Every successful collection earns the player 15 crystals.

    * Crystal mines have cap limit. They will disappear for a while after a collection, then refresh the storage.

    * Players can earn corresponding honors by killing, assisting, and collecting in the battlefield.

    * The first party to collect 1000 crystals wins.


    * Obtain Honor and Points through X-server Wars.

    * Honor can buy items in X-server Shop.

    * When the player reach some points, he/she is able to rank up in X-server ranking. Each ranking can earn some rewards.

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