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Explore Mystery Abyss and search for buried holy treasure.

[Gameplay Access]

    * Click on "Abyss" in Single-player to get in.


    * The character reaches lv. 21.


    * Each stage has mobs of 3 different difficulties, each of which gives a 3x, 2x and 1x Star Multiplier from high to low.

    * Player gets a base rating depends on the turns a battle takes.

    * Stars can be redeemed for buffs.

[Friend's Aid]

    * Each player has 3 requests to ask for aid from their friends.

    * Stats of the selected friend will be applied for battle.

    * Each friend can only be requested once.

[Abyss Rewards]                                                           

    * From Abyss, the player can obtain Pitchforks, which can be used in Abyss Shop to redeem equipment shards.

    * Taking part in challenges every day can earn star ranking. The player may redeem Abyss Ranking Rewards by the ranking.

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