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LoA2_Hero Trial


Hero Trial is a Dungeon that helps players to rank up rapidly and obtain required resources for training heros.

[Gameplay Access] Click on "Hero Trail" in Single-player to get in.

[Requirement] The character reaches lv. 18.


    * Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Gold, Refine Stone, Soul, and Mastery Stones Dungeons are available

    * Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: EXP Scroll, Relic Essence, and Bless Stone Dungeons are available

    * Every Sunday: All Dungeons are available.

    * For all Dungeons, first attempt is free. You can buy extra attempts with diamonds.

    * For each stage of dungeons, you will find 3 levels of difficulties. First failure consumes no attempt.


    First clear can get you a large number of diamonds. Check out these other necessary resources you may obtain from Hero Trials:

    Refine Stone: refine equipments

    Soul: redeem hero shards

    Mastery Stone: upgrade the character's mount

    EXP Scroll: enhance Relic

    Bless Stone: augment heros

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