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LoA_Save Panda! Chubby Panda Day


Panda Day

Event Date: April 23th, 05:00:01 - April 27th, 04:59:59 

Involved Server: S1 - S25

Description: Collect Bamboos in Elite Dungeon to get Panda! ALL proceeds from the Panda mount events will be donated to giant panda programs in selected zoos. Cool!

Activities in Panda Day

♫Bamboo Bonanza

Description: Complete the tasks to get bamboo! (Reset daily at 5:00AM)

Requirement Reward
Contribution to Guild: 3000 Bamboo*3
Refresh Shop 20 times Bamboo*2
Open Chest in Abyss 15 times Bamboo*2
Raid in Palace Dungeon 35 times Bamboo*2
Arena Point: 10 Bamboo*2

♫Bamboo Exchange♫

Description: Exchange your bamboos for panda seal shard and all kinds of resources! (Reset daily at 5:00AM)

Requirement Reward
Exchange Bamboo×10 for Pand Seal Shard*1 
Exchange Bamboo×10 for Soul*50
Exchange Bamboo×10 for Rare Relic Essence*6
Exchange Bamboo×10 for Mastery Stone*6
Exchange Bamboo×5 for R2 Refine Stone*6
Exchange Bamboo×2 for Rare Relic Essence*1
Exchange Bamboo×2 for Mastery Stone*1
Exchange Bamboo×2 for Refresh Token*1
Exchange Bamboo×1 for R2 Refine Stone*1

♫Panda VIP

Description: VIP Privilege! Reach certain level of VIP to get chance to buy panda seal shard here!

Requirement Reward
Reach VIP 1, spend 40 diamonds to buy (2 times) Panda Seal Shard*1
Reach VIP 4, spend 40 diamonds to buy (8 times) Panda Seal Shard*1
Reach VIP 6, spend 40 diamonds to buy (15 times) Panda Seal Shard*1
Reach VIP 8, spend 40 diamonds to buy (15 times) Panda Seal Shard*1

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