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LoA_Featured Pack of Featured Game!


Exciting News! League of Angels II has earned the recognition of Facebook Games and will be featured in their "Big Game Launch" from April 28th to May 5th! To celebrate it together, we have prepared special events! Enjoy!

★Featured Pack

Event Time: April 28th 00:00:01 - May 4th 23:59:59

Involved Servers: New servers launched in featured week

Description: Featured Pack will drop in Elite Dungeon! Collect and open them to claim random rewards!

★Featured Week★

Event Time: April 28th 00:00:01 - May 4th 23:59:59

Involved Servers: All servers

Description: Keep logging in the game in the featured week to get daily rewards!

Requirement Rewards
Total Login: 1 day Gold*100000
Total Login: 2 days Refresh Token*10
Total Login: 3 days Rare Relic Essence*10
Total Login: 4 days Lv.5 Rune Chest*1
Total Login: 5 days Bless Stone*20
Total Login: 6 days Ritual Token*1
Total Login: 7 days Mastery Stone*20

★Recharge Combo

Event Time: April 28th 00:00:01 - May 4th 23:59:59

Involved Servers: All servers (Except servers holding Carnival and Carnival Plus)

Description: Recharge for 5 days in a row with any amount to get a Healer Shards Pack!

Requirement Rewards
Recharge any amount for 1 day Stamina*90
Recharge any amount for 2 days Bless Stone*20
Recharge any amount for 3 days Soul*250
Recharge any amount 4 days Bless Stone*30
Recharge any amount 5 days Healer Shard Pack*1

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