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Intern Joins Game Informer. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

I don’t know how I even got here. I wasn’t hogtied, blindfolded, drugged, and dragged in a windowless van for 2,000 miles to this cold place not Canadian enough for Canada but just barely American enough for America. I don’t mean physically here, but “here” as in here in the position holding the title of Game Informer intern.

Like you, I read Game Informer for years. I still remember my first issue (December 2001, if you have to know). Game Informer was always there for me, especially the times when my aunt and uncle would lock me into my cupboard under the stairs and try to sabotage my mail so I couldn’t learn about my past and accept my invitation to wizard school.

I may have mixed up my origin story with someone else’s (who’s to say?) but Game Informer’s impression on me planted the seeds that allowed me to grow into the dumpy pumpkin tree I am today. By that, I mean two things: Game Informer was a huge inspiration for me wanting to write about games and that pumpkins grow on trees in the context of this blog post.

But why gaming? While I love TV and film, the personal investment video games require is what makes this medium so special to me. Interactivity breeds a certain form of attachment that directly ties the player to events on the screen. This means you can have the potential to really feel some, as David Cage would say, emotions because of that hunk of plastic in your hands that ties you to a bunch of ones and zeros. Now isn’t that a cool thing?

Taking this a step further, writing articles and making videos became the natural extension of that for me. Creating content gives me an excuse to talk about what I want to talk about with people with a shared interest who are (usually) pretty nice. That discussion and analysis around something we all hold dear is, well, super awesome and the fact that this internship allows me to learn from the professionals and start doing that on a bigger scale is, well, super, super awesome.

But I do not want to steer you astray, dear reader. I do like serious discussion about games, but I also enjoy fart jokes and tasteful cuss words. Games media can run the gamut of just making fart jokes to discussing the artistic intent and symbolic meaning around the fart. And that balance of creating serious and silly content is what I hope to achieve here at Game Infart- I mean, Game Informer.

So there you go, reader. I think by writing this I may have finally figured out how I got here. Maybe you figured it out too. I hope you understand because I have to end this blog quickly so I can return to curling each individual hair on Ben Reeves’ head, as he requires me to do every morning.