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5 Developments From Agents of SHIELD: Season 4, Episode 3

Daisy and Robbie came to a bit of an understanding. Robbie is seeking vengeance and Daisy wants to stop the Watchdogs, the anti-Inhuman group. Robbie talks about his Uncle Eli, who worked at the Momentum facility where the ghosts were seen last episode. He was put in the penitentiary for attempted manslaughter. Eli raised Robbie and his brother Gabe. He says he's a "good man who did a bad thing."

When the power goes out in LA, Robbie and Daisy come to Gabe's aid as gangbangers threaten to steel his wheelchair. During the fight, Daisy uses her powers and suffers more bone fractures on her forearm. They head back to the Reyes' house, and Robbie goes out to take care of looters in the city as Ghost Rider. Gabe isn't aware of Robbie's "night job," but later, Gabe tells Daisy he figured she is Quake and wanted by the authorities. He only wants good people around his brother and says he'll keep her secret if she leaves before Robbie returns.

When one of the other gang leaders infected by the ghost dies, Simmons calculates May has about 24 hours until she suffers the same fate. May was taken to a CDC facility in upstate New York but is being transferred to Doctor Radcliffe's place. Radcliffe makes sure Aida, the LMD (Life Model Decoy), is put away before they arrive.

May's brain is going into overdrive. She's literally being scared to death. Radcliffe deduces they need to reboot her brain, like a computer. In order to do that, they have to kill her. Simmons reluctantly agrees. As the time comes to resuscitate May, the power cuts out. Radcliffe uses Aida's power source so Simmons can revive May.

With the Watchdogs having a mysterious new backer, the public needs to know what's going on. Inhumans are being feared, and it needs to be clear they weren't responsible for the blackouts. It also seems the classified list of Inhumans registering is being leaked to the Watchdogs.

The Director lets the public know it was extremists that caused the blackouts. He reassures them they will be safe now that SHIELD has returned.

Senator Rota Nadeer is very outspoken over the potential threat of the Inhumans' existence. As Director Jeffrey makes his announcement about SHIELD, she's talking to someone over the phone about what's going on. She feels SHIELD will simply become a puppet for the Inhumans and is pleased to hear that 17 were eliminated during the blackouts. As she leaves the room, we see her brother is an Inhuman, stuck in a Terrigenesis cocoon.

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