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Weekly Recap: GTA 5 Biker DLC Out Now, Call of Duty 4 Remaster Playable, Gears of War Movie

Microsoft officially announced this week that it's making a Gears of War movie--or at least trying to. A Hollywood take on the gritty shooter series has been in the works for years now; the late Tony Scott apparently wanted to direct it. Now, it's been confirmed that Jurassic World studio Universal is working with Microsoft to finally make it happen (maybe). No word on a director or cast yet. [Full story]

If you preordered one of the premium versions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4, you can start playing Modern Warfare Remastered's campaign right this second. It's the full campaign you have access to, and your progress carries forward to when the game officially comes out in November. The early access period is only available on PS4, not Xbox One or PC. [Full story]

Grand Theft Auto V's Bikers DLC for GTA Online came out this week. The free expansion is themed around biker gangs, letting you make your own. There are new bikes, weapons, and clothing, as well as a new Adversary mode. To celebrate the launch, Rockstar has kicked off its newest weekly event, featuring discounts, a new Premium race, and more. [Full story]
The Other Stuff:

BioWare has announced new Dragon Age and Mass Effect books. Like diving deep into the lore? These sound like they could be just what you're looking for. Go to IGN to get the full story and all the details.

Demonstrating the appeal of virtual reality is tough, since a person usually needs to physically wear the device to understand appreciate its appeal. Owlchemy Labs thinks it has a solution.

This week at New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. announced DC Legends, a new fee-to-play strategy RPG for mobile devices. The game, which features famous super heroes and villains from the DC roster, launched in November for iOS and Android devices. Check out a trailer below. Also, evereryone who preregisters at the game's website and downloads the game at launch will receive a free Wonder Woman in-game character.