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3D MMORPG game_Devilian Online

Devilian Online is an action RPG with a dark and sinister vibe, where characters must transform into devilish beasts to counter the otherworldly terrors that they’ll face on a regular basis. Choose from one of four classes, and when their array of swords and guns aren’t enough to keep the monsters at bay, unleash your darkest fantasies and become your own version of death incarnate.

There are several ways to enjoy in Devilian Online, which you can play as a straight-up MMO with quests and challenging dungeons, or you can jump into intense PvP battles ranging up to 20-on-20 slaughterhouses that pit entire guilds against each other.

In addition to the four classes and their devil forms, characters have a wide variety of customization options available to them, from skills to armor and weapons, letting you carve through the monstrous hordes via whatever method suits you best!

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