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3D MOBA_Arena: Cyber Evolution

Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE) is a physics-based sports game which combines elements of the popular MOBA genre, with gameplay similar to ice-hokey. Developed by Spearhead Games, ACE pits two teams of three super-powered sports figures against each other in a bid to score goals for their team. To do this, each hero may pass, shoot, intercept and juke with the puck using intuitive controls and special abilities.

Similar to heroes in other MOBA games, each character in ACE comes equipped with their own stats and two main abilities. Some characters are better suited at speeding across the map using personal boosts to score a goal, while other slower characters are better suited as support; disrupting the opposing team’s hold of the puck by blowing it out of their grasp, or by acting as a goalie, catching incoming pucks with several defensive abilities. However, players may only use a character’s “ultimate” ability a few times each match, making the positioning and timing of the ultimate critical.

Arena: Cyber Evolution features dynamic map events which augment the game’s physics by adding obstacles; including directional wind currents, reflective walls, pitfalls and even a frozen map surface. Each of these presents new challenges for teams to adapt to as they all change how both the player’s character, and the puck behave on the field. In the future, Spearhead Games hopes to give control of these events over to spectators watching the current match, making each game truly unpredictable.

Outside of each match, players can further refine their play style with each character using unlocked implants; providing team boosts, personal upgrades and additional special abilities to choose from.

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