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3D MMORPG game_Echo of Soul

In Echo of Soul, you are chosen by the gods as a soulkeeper, a valiant warrior in the fight against darkness who can claim his enemies’ souls to increase his or her own power. Offering a wide variety of gameplay modes, from standard group dungeons and PvP to solo dungeons and massive guild vs. guild battles, Echo of Soul offers an immense array of options, letting players advance in the way best suited to them.

There are five classes in Echo of Soul — Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Guardian, and Sorceress — each with multiple specialization and customization options, though there’s no dedicated healing class, which might throw some players for a curve. In addition to their combat proficiency, characters can also take up several hobbies, such as resource collecting, alchemy, or cooking.

For PvP lovers, there are a few different options, including a MOBA-like lane-based mode. If larger battles are your thing, and you’ve got some friends, you can form a guild and declare war on another guild. Echo of Soul also has challenging PvE dungeons, including the option to take on an infinite dungeon, with randomly generated monsters. There’s plenty of loot to be had in these encounters, and players can even acquire “Magic Eggs” through gameplay, which offer items normally only found in the cash shop.

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