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3D MMORPG Browser game--Eldevin

Eldevin is a free-to-play Browser MMORPG (and client), from Hunted Cow Studios. Set in the Eldevin Kingdom, players must protect their homeland against the Emperor of the Infernal Empire, hell bent on obtaining powerful artifacts which are sure to plunge the kingdom into chaos and confusion. In Eldevin, players can explore more than 160 unique realms, each with their own unique style and enemies.

There are no set classes in Eldevin, instead players can choose talents among the game’s 6 talent trees in order to mix and match their characters traits to suit their playstyle. For example, players can opt to become heavily armored wizard with additional healing spells, or a warrior who casts fireballs in addition to swinging a large 2 handed axe. At each level, players can also allocate attribute points which grant their bonuses to specific stats.

There are 14 professions in Eldevin, and players can level them all at the same time. Crafting is an integral part of Eldevin, and players can explore the landscape to find previous materials to use in a variety of unique crafting recipes. Eldevin, features a story driven quest system, which sometimes presents players with multiple choice answers for quests, allowing a player to have an impact on the direction a questline takes, and perhaps even its rewards.

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