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3D MOBA__ Heroes of The Storm

compliment the team’s composition. Heroes of the Storm offers several highly thematic maps, each with their own main objective teams will want to compete over. These objectives range from collecting doubloons used to bribe a ghost pirate ship into bombarding the enemy’s base, or capturing shrines in order to become an imposing Dragon Knight capable of punting enemies afar and leveling entire towers with a few swings of his axe. Regardless of the map, these objectives are crucial to ensuring a team’s victory, forcing teamfights on a regular basis.

In Heroes of the Storm players share experience earned with their entire team. With the removal of items, players diversify their playstyle’s by choosing special passive -and sometimes active- talents which are available every few levels. These talents do more than simply add damage to an ability, but may also add new effects, changing an abilities behavior and even utility. At level 6, a player may choose between two heroic abilities (ultimates) which give the player the ability to select one which best suits his team’s current needs.

During a match, players may also procure the aid of special mercenary camps, which when captured aid the team by providing additional pushing power and unique auras. Completed matches earn players coins which can be used to purchase new heroes in-game.

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