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3D MMORPG game_Lego Minifigures Online

This game transitioned from free-to-play to a paid model for its launch on June 29, 2015, but we’ve decided to leave the page up.

Lego Minifigures Online is a 3D Isometric kid-friendly MMO developed by Funcom. In Lego Minifigures Online players can collect up to a hundred Lego figurines, each with their own distinctive style, individual stats and appropriately themed abilities bound to the left and right mouse buttons. A Captain for example, may throw out cyclones from afar while dropping a giant anchor to pin enemies in place. Characters come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a formidable Ogre to a Guy in a Chicken suit.

Unlike a traditional MMO, players may freely swap between three of their selected Minifigures at any time. The ability to change between characters gives a player the opportunity to chain cast abilities together from multiple minifigures in order to create their own style of combat. Each minifigurine can also be upgraded with golden stars which increase their base stats and provide them with set stat bonuses at regular intervals.

Currently players may explore three worlds, Pirate, Midevil and Space. Funcom has stated they plan to continually add additional worlds for players to explore for free. As players progress through each world they will encounter piles of legos which they may put together in order to access new areas or to re-build a machine to take down a large boss. Certain characters are capable of building these structures much faster than others and players are able to slot blue (defense), red (attack) or yellow (building) Legos they find throughout the world in a special stat menu in order to provide additional boosts.

Lego Minifigures Online offers both a cash shop and an optional subscription model which notably provides players with bonus currency, an additional minifigure each month and access to special mini-dungeons which may also grant additional currency.

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