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Resident Evil 7 teaser videos reveal item boxes, inventory, shotgun

A busted front door means that I'm currently trapped in my flat, so I have something in common with the guy from the Resident Evil 7 demo. Hopefully that's all I have in common, as he was being chased by a killer and haunted by a spooky ghost, but what I'm saying is: I'm sure we're both looking forward to getting out. Another way we differ is that the star of Resident Evil 7, whomever that may be, will get a shotgun, green herbs and various other items to help their situation—items they'll be storing in a handy trunk.

Item chests might be a staple element for the series, but it wasn't entirely clear if they would be included in the seventh (main) game. As it turns out, they will be—here's a new teaser trailer that shows the item chests in action, before offering a glimpse at the game's inventory system.

Excitingly, Resi 7 appears to be using a similar inventory to the one seen in Resi 4, meaning we'll be shuffling and rotating items about, to slot them into a fixed grid. See someone grab a shotgun from a chest, put it into their inventory, and then admire its fine handiwork in this short trailer:

There's another teaser video, and I'll stick that below for the sake of completeness, but as it only shows a phone ringing, it's not particularly interesting—still, I guess landlines are spooky in this day and age.

Resident Evil 7 is coming to PC in January, but the VR version will seemingly be exclusive to PlayStation VR for a year.

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