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The Golden Coliseum

Gain access to this area by getting the yellow Mini Paint Star in Kiwano Temple. When you arrive a Yellow Shy Guy will advertise a Battle Royale where you could win a Big Paint Star. This sounds right up your alley and you're already signed up it seems. To the right is where you'll need to go to enter the battle arena, but to the left is an entrance for spectators. You cannot enter there yet so head in to the main gate.

Down here you'll a door to the right that leads to equipment storage and three doors to the left for entrants to wait before the fight. If you go into the storage room you'll hear some Yellow Shy Guys talking about how they stole a bone from Marmalade Valley, but they have misplaced the bone. This means you cannot get another Bone Card until you find where the bone is since it is no longer at Marmalade Valley.

The first door on the left side has a rainbow-colored team of Shy Guys. In the second door on the left side there are four Red Shy Guys talking. Use Cutout here to get two cards. The third door on the left side is locked for some reason. We will figure this out another time. For now go left and answer all of the bone-related questions this Yellow Shy Guy behind the desk has for you. When he's happy you can go up to the coliseum.

In the coliseum you'll see the Big Paint Star, but you will be ambushed by what looks like an endless wave of enemies. You're not meant to fight them all, however, as they seem to be never ending and the enemies here (particularly the Hammer Bros) are very strong compared to other foes. Instead of manually fighting them all, go to the left side of the arena and break boxes. One of them will contain a Super Star for you to thwart your foes. They will all run from you but you must chase them down and defeat the enemies. Mario the war criminal will emerge victorious, but then a new foe presents himself: Iggy the coliseum champion.

When Iggy comes at you he will use a combination of attacks ranging from using a shell spin to shooting a magic blast. When he is half-way beaten he will walk away and get his goons in chariots to fight you. Do not use any valuable cards as the chariots will dodge your attacks no matter what you do. Iggy will return after a miserable round from you to taunt you. Iggy and his friends in chariots are actually impossible to defeat if you don't have the Bone card. Most likely you do not so we will have to flee the battle.

Leave the coliseum so that you may fight another day and go back to the beginning of this area. If you will recall there was a spectator's entrance. We will begin our hunt for the bone here. Go in and up the stairs to find three blocks with a Red Snifit under them. The ? block gives you a Jump x2 card. To the left will be a Hammer Bro on a ? block throwing hammers. Avoid them and slam him down to get the POW card inside the block.

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