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Age of Wulin’s Chaper 9: Ancient Secrets Expansion Hits Servers Tomorrow

Webzen’s free-to-play sandbox MMO Age of Wulin is launching its latest expansion, Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets, tomorrow (October 18). The new update introduces 2 new factions, new skills, and more. The new factions include the Ancient Tomb Sect, which compliments the Wudang School, and the Blood Sabre Clan, who are associated with the Royal Guards.

The expansion will introduce a variety of new skills including the Dual Flying Skill for the Ancient Tomb Sect — which allows players to effectively carry another team-mate in flight. It also adds several new daily and weekly quests for the new clans which offer a variety of rewards.

More information on the update and what it contains can be found on the Age of Wulin site. Keep in mind it’s broken into several posts so you’ll want to get some tea and sit down for a light surfing session to read all about it.

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