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The Grail Lords – Autumn Feast

Welcome to the second edition of the Autumn Feast at The Grail Lords! Join us and celebrate the Autumn and harvest from Friday, 30 September 2016 until Saturday 8 October 2016. During the event players will receive 20 Grail Tokens when they answer a question correctly on the Feast page. The answer on the question you can find below. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up easily and be a part of this event.

Each year around Autumn, the Grail Lords leave their Monastery and ride over the land to visit the commoners and townsfolk. Each town who prepared a feast is honored with a visit and receives their blessing!

This year costs nor efforts are saved to find and welcome additional workers for preparing the Feast! Posters and trade agreements are made to convince new Seekers to take up their Quest. To make sure newly arrived Seekers make a good start, 20 Grail Tokens will be given for each Seeker who knows that what caused the misfortune of the Ruined Farmer.

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