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StarsQuest – Unique SciFi browser game

StarsQuest is a strategy sci-fi browser game that offers lots of adventures in the galaxy. It’s a war where only the strongest survive. The main features are constructing various buildings, defending your planet and fighting against other players. Are you ready to enter the galaxy world?
Updating your buildings

There are lots of different buildings that all fulfill their own unique purpose. Rhenium Mines are one of the most important facilities which are used in the extraction of rhenium ore. All mines require energy so make sure to build Solar Power Plants to absorb energy. There are also different storage buildings that provide extra space for your resources. The Alliance Depot is required to be able to supply fuel to fleets in orbit. Research Lab is also essential as it gives you the opportunity to conduct research into new technologies. Upgrade your facilities and increase your empire.

One of the most important factors is having the best resources. Keep an eye on the marketplace to catch resources for sale. Marketplace is a great spot for purchasing different resources but also selling your resources to other players. If you’d like to increase your planet’s resources faster then you’re welcome to take a look around at Market Consortium. The special market allows you to buy resources
Fleetbase is a place where you can run different tasks. First you need to choose ships that you’d like to send on a mission. In addition you can select their respective positions. There are bonuses like Combustion Engine, Shield Technology, Weapons Technology, Hyperspace Engine and more. Armour Technology, for example, improves armour on defensive structures and ships.
Dark Matter rewards

It’s super easy to earn Dark Matter as a reward. You will be rewarded each time you log into the game. You can always purchase more Dark Matter in exchange for credits. Dark Matter helps you to build your planet faster, be more successful and reach the top 100 in the Hall of Fame. Show your loyalty by logging into StarsQuest every day and get Dark Matter rewards to help you survive.

Give this unique SciFi browser game a try and you won’t be disappointed. This is your chance to use your strategic skills and conquer the galaxy. Don’t wait up because the galaxy is waiting for you.