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Barons of the Galaxy Kickstarter Re-launch

Barons of the Galaxy is strategic SciFI themed browser game in which players manufacture products to sell to cities, vote on political events and occasionally go to war. They feature a political system where all the players use their varying industrial might to vote on events that effect the cities, planets or entire solar systems, you can even be elected to rule these cities, planets and star systems making everything bad that happens there entirely your fault. The mechanics also claim to resist having powerful players dominate the game and give small players opportunities to shine. That would be a refreshing change for these kinds of games and so far they seem to be on course to living up to those expectations.
Re-launch of the Kickstarter campaign

They had a failed Kickstarter campaign back in March but promised to try again. They kept that promise and are now back with a re-launch of their campaign and this time around things are looking a lot better. The game is close enough to completion that it went into an Open Beta Test recently and anyone can jump in and play. They are even offering immediate bonuses in the beta game to all Kickstarter backers. The funding goal has come down to a mere $2,400, which they have already made it halfway, and the backer rewards have increased as well.
Turn-based thing kicks in

The game has only been playable in Beta Test for a couple weeks but the response from beta testers has been mostly positive with the only complaints revolving around the units requiring a lot of clicks and orders to do seemingly simple things. Also, unlike other games of its kind it does not use a “tick” system where everything you do gets its own timer to completion, instead the entire game is turn based where everything and everybody moves and produces every 10 minutes. This 10 minute timer makes starting out with the game seem terribly slow as the tutorial is only asking you to do one simple thing at a time but you have to wait 10-20 minutes to see a result. To be fair there is a lot more to manage after a couple days and it is advertised as a “played offline” type of experience not a “click all the shiny buttons until a paywall shows up” kind of game.

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