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Blight of the Immortals update

First of all congratulations to Aran who won the last 2 Tournament rounds with Giants Playground and Warpath. This week the map is the Troll mission Keepers of the Marsh, which seems to be quite difficult since so far only 1 player (strategicthinker) has managed to complete the mission. Blight is also being constantly tweaked and updated to provide better gameplay, check the details below.
Update details

    The drawing mechanics is now tweaked so you start with 7 cards. Instead of automatically drawing new cards when you have less than 5 you now pay 1 Valour to draw a card.
    Area of Effect skills now hurt more surrounding monsters if there are more monsters and hurt less with friendly fire.
    Orbs Woodland Bard and Pirate Captain can now help you use cards and reinforce your Mage/Rogue strategy.
    Troglodyte (hero power) gets stronger over time depending on the amount of goblins he eats. In addition Charming Rogue can draw 3 cards each time now.

    Multiple new maps have been implemented into the game.

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