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The Lost Realm – Verboten Forest

In March of this year a new event summoned heroes from across the realm to the Southern Forests in order to explore and clear the area on behalf of the King in search of the sacred Verboten Forest.

Over the period of a month players explored the depths of the forests and all the mysteries within to discover the Verboten Forest, and were warned by the Gods not to enter as it was protected by wild beasts – hostile to all intruders regardless of their intentions.

Undeterred by the warnings, swarms of miners, warriors and the devout alike entered the forests and challenged the protectors of the Verboten Forest. Even being attacked by two creatures at a time, a few heroes have been lucky enough to chop one of the sacred trees down for the precious Lumber resource and evade the massive Forest Guardians.

Lumber is the latest resource used in the development of town constructions, and by far the most challenging resource to gain.

For newer players late to The Lost Realm, veteran player Jake donated his time and experience with the game in developing The Realm Sage, an NPC designed to assist new players in developing their characters, providing rewards along the path of tutorials. New players who take advantage of The Realm Sage will receive boosts to their character’s finances and stats as well as valuable game knowledge to succeed and excel.

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