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Get big discounts on The Witcher and Fallout series this weekend

It's Friday folks, which means it's almost time to kick back and relax for the next couple of days—free of stress and full of videogames. Which means you might be interested to know that this weekend The Witcher and Fallout series are hosting separate sales on games both old and new via Steam, with discounts ranging between 15 and 85 percent.

First, The Witcher: in celebration of the fantasy action-RPG series' ninth birthday, last year's esteemed third main series entry, The Witcher 3, is subject to a 33 percent discount, selling for £16.74/$26.79. Its Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLCs—the latter of which is essentially a full game in itself—are also going cheap at £6.79/$8.49 and $13.59/$16.99 respectively. Going back a little further, the Enhanced Editions of both the first and second series entries—The Witcher Adventure Game and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings—are going for just £1.04/$1.49 and £2.24/$2.99 with 85 percent discounts.

As an alternative, GOG is running a similar Witcher ninth anniversary-inspired sale which is also absolutely worth checking out. Head in this direction for that.

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