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Demon Gate Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

Legends tell of an ancient race, the Void Gods, that came from the stars to this world. Their magic was far beyond what anyone to that point had ever even imagined. The world, called Koth, was inhabited by, among other things, demons. Those demons eventually found the Void Gates created by the Void Gods and unlocked their power, letting them travel among the stars, themselves. However, the hubris of the demons eventually led to their downfall, as all the various races they came to enslave rose up against them. The demons were left to rot in Hell’s prison, Tartarus. That was also eons ago. So far back that even this important event is relegated to forgotten myths and legends. Well, the demons are looking to make their way back. Now, those old myths and legends are being sought out to see if any sort of prophecy or information can keep the demons from once again taking over. That’s the story behind Demon Gate, an apocalyptic fantasy RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now.

The game uses its own rules system. The main rulebook contains everything you need to get started. There’s plenty to make sure your character is customized and unique, including 20 classes and a dozen character races. There’s plenty of items and equipment with which to outfit your character, plus varying levels of magic, from small cantrips to world-altering spells. Of course, good heroes need bad villains to fight against, and there’s plenty of those, from undead to demons to mythological beasts. Also included is an atlas section so you can see where you’re going as well as where you might need to travel. For the GM, there’s several guides like quick-building NPCs, random encounter tables, and how to handle things like wilderness survival.

The game is really close to making it to their funding goal. However, there’s only 8 days left to make it there.

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