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Fragments Sci-Fi RPG Available Now

In the far-off future, humanity is in jeopardy. The savior will come in the form of old and slightly malfunctioning robots whose memories have been corrupted. By joining together and traveling through the Last City, these robots can learn bits about their past, as well as the means to complete their Primary Function. Along the way, though, shadowy agents are looking to stop you. You must overcome them and travel ever upwards, to the apex of the city, where all will be revealed. That’s the story behind Fragment, a new sci-fi RPG that’s available now.

The players take on the role of those aforementioned robots. They’ve woken up in the Vaults of the City and are looking to make their way to the Apex. The game uses cards to show bits of your past that you slowly work at recovering as you make your way forward. The game is for 3-6 players and doesn’t require a GM, so everyone can get in on the action.

Plus, it’s free. So why not check it out?

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