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Paladins’ Next Open Beta Update Introduces New Champion

The next Open Beta update for Hi-Rez’ free-to-play shooter Paladins is on its way and it’s bringing with it a new archer champion — Sha Lin – the Desert Wind.

The champion is described by the devs as having more of a “true draw” with arrows being affected by gravity. Among his abilities is “The Great Bow” which is assigned to the left mouse button and can be powered up by simply holding the mouse button down as long as you like. (It also allows the arrow to shoot straighter and be affected by gravity less.) There is a downside however, as players will experience a speed penalty as long as the mouse button is held down.

The right mouse button ability is something called “The Impaler Arrow” and can be used while the left mouse ability is in use. This ability knocks the enemy back. If they hit a wall in the knockback, they’re stunned.

Sha Lin’s movement ability allows him to leap out of himself, effectively becoming invisible while moving and leaving a still image of himself behind as a decoy. His Q ability is “Planted” which plants him in one spot and increases his fire rate and reduces his draw time.

Finally, his ultimate is an escape ability that allows him to enter stealth and move more quickly while drawing his bow 50% faster. He also leaves an image of himself behind every 2 seconds, causing a bit of confusion while running away.

Full patch notes detailing Sha Lin’s abilities — as well as other changes coming with update 37 — will be available later this week. You can watch a preview of his abilities above.