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Revelation Online Closed Beta Is Live

The first round of Closed Beta testing for My.com’s Revelation Online went live today on North American and European servers. Players who have been granted access can download the game via the official site and hop in. Just remember to select the server closest to you using the My.com Game Center.

As with all Beta tests, there are some issues. Some of these My.com has already identified, such as localization issues with Chinese and Russian text appearing in some areas. Also of note are stability issues with the game client shutting down occasionally and FPS being a bit off.

Finally — as one would expect — there are pretty hefty login queues. However, this problem is compounded by the fact that the text on the queue notification isn’t sized properly for the dialog box making it rather difficult for players to determine exactly where they are in the queue.

As you can see in the example above, the queue for the individual who posted it in the forums could be 370, 376, 3700, and so on. Our own Mike Byrne even reported cases where players thought they were 90th in queue when it suddenly dropped to 878.

Hopefully, this will be ironed out soon so that players at least have an accurate gauge of how much time they have to kill while waiting to get in.