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Perfect World Entertainment Holding 13 Hour Live Stream To Support Extra Life

With Halloween behind us, it’s officially that time of year again as game developers and streamers gear up to help raise money and help out sick kids with the annual Extra Life Charity event. This year, Perfect World Entertainment will be streaming for 13 hours — between 9am and 10pm on November 5 — in an effort to raise $25,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

During the stream, the PWE team will be playing 6 of their games, including PWI, Forsaken World, the 3-player top-down shooter Livelock, the currently unreleased Gigantic, and Star Trek Online. As they reach various donation levels, the team will be giving away in-game items for some of their games as well as copies of Livelock. They’ll also be handing out keys to Gigantic’s closed beta throughout the stream.

In addition to the digital goodies, PWE has also teamed up with companies like Logitech and WizKids to give away even more prizes. For more details on the event, check out the official blog post. Or… just head over to the Perfect World Twitch channel on the 5th to get in on the action.