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Guild Wars 2 Adds Preview Feature To Loot Containers, Including Black Lion Chests

While Neverwinter is removing functionality to let players “preview” loot boxes, Guild Wars 2 is going in the opposite direction.

Today’s GW2 patch grants players the ability to right-click on most loot containers in the game — including Black Lion Chests — to get a simplified list of their loot tables, broken down by rarity. Exact percentage chances of getting said loot are, naturally, not provided, but considering how many different loot bags GW2 has, it’s still a welcome addition.

To make things even friendlier for players, undesirable booster drops have been removed from Black Lion Chests and each chest has a guaranteed drop of a seasonal holiday item. There are other “guarantees,” such as an item to “progress your account in some way”. Finally, if you log on this week, you can get a Customer Appreciation Package, which includes a Black Lion Chest and Key.