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EVE Online Pushes Clone States Update To November 15

EVE Online’s free-to-play~ish mode will be arriving a few days later than initially thought. The expansion that will introduce what are referred to as “Clone States” — with one state being a a somewhat lite, and therefore free-to-play version of the game — will now arrive November 15 instead of the 8th as previously reported.

In honor of the upcoming expansion, CCP has released one of their famous player-centric trailers, highlighting the player-based narrative of the game, the massive battles, and all the sexy spaceship porn you could want.

Also being introduced with the new expansion — titled Ascension — are a new class of player built structures: Engineering Complexes, Command Bursts to replace the Warfare Link system, a Fitting Simulator, and more.

To check out the full list of features, additions, and changes coming with the Ascension expansion, check out the expansion page on the EVE Online site.