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Browser Game Hero Zero Celebrates Halloween

Halloween has come to the browser-based superhero game Hero Zero. Everything is spooky and festive in Humphreydale, with pumpkins in the gardens and creepy costumes everywhere.

Players will be able to participate in numerous Halloween quests, combat and ability based missions, a zombie apocalypse, and more. In one mission, players will need to stop a fast food customer dressed as a zombie. The zombie customer is armed with ketchup and terrorizing the city with it. People have shopping to do, so something HAS to be done.

In another heroic act, players must help save a Halloween party before it goes bad. They simply need to complete specific tasks to earn rewards.

Finally, a special Halloween competition will kick off on the game’s Facebook page on October 31st. The winner of the competition will receive a special prize from the official Hero Zero Megastore.