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Firefly Studios Releases Free “Heretic” Expansion For Stronghold Kingdoms

The latest free expansion to Firefly Studios’ Stronghold Kingdoms is now live. Titled ‘Heretic’, the expansion is available on both PC and Mac and adds the ability for players to build kill streaks against the “forces of evil”. Or if players aren’t feeling like the good guy, they can “go heretic” and team up with the baddies.

Heretic is a special game mode that features classic characters while adding new PvE options and mechanics. Players will infiltrate the enemy house before the next big attack on the enemy. At this point, a choice must be made.

This new mode is designed more in the style of traditional co-op than MMO and deviates heavily from the game’s PvP-centric focus. You can check out the new expansion for free via the official game site.