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Things Get Vampy In Paragon With The New Hero, Countess

Things have gotten a little dark with the introduction of the latest hero in Epic Games’ free-to-play MOBA. Paragon’s update 33.1 introduces a new hero named Countess, along with a new player tutorial, new cards, and some general tweaks.

The Countess is a new burst caster specializing in quick takedowns. Her abilities allow her to slip in, quickly dispatch the target and get out before anyone can come after her. She also possesses some AOE abilities that can make her somewhat untouchable — either by getting in close and using her blades or by utilizing a rolling cloud of darkness to damage all enemies in its path.

The latest weekly card pack adds three new cards. The first is Sages Ward which offers certain Heroes an option for vision. Then there is Jewel of the Aphostle which gives a defensive option that provides energy damage equal to 35% of energy armor.The third card is Pendulum of the Lords which gives players a mix of utility stats including Mana and Health.