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Warframe’s War Within Update Set To Release Mid-November

Warframe players have a new update to look forward to and it’s just around the corner. Set to launch on PC in mid-November, “The War Within” will continue last December’s “The Second Dream” questline — and sends players to the Grineer Queens’ Fortress to unravel the mysteries about the Tenno’s past.

Before The War Within hits servers, players will want to complete The Second Dream quest and unlock the planet Sedna. It is also highly suggested that players prepare loadouts and pick out their snazziest Warframe before the update. This will have an impact on the cinematic portion of the questline.

While waiting for the update to arrive, players can participate in bonus weekends offering Double Resources, Credits and Affinity as well as check out the 100 Days of Warframe video created by Mashed… available below.