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Winter Sports Game “Snow” Now In PS4 Early Access Beta

Poppermost Productions launched the early access beta of its free-to-play, open world winter sports game SNOW on the PlayStation 4 this week. The beta is available to those who purchase the Founder’s Pack for $19.99 — which comes with over $30 worth of clothing and equipment — via the PlayStation store. This includes a ski outfit, snowboard outfit, and gold snowmobile and drone.

In addition, if you have PlayStation Plus and purchase the Founder’s Pack, you will also receive an 80’s themed outfit.

SNOW also offers beta players the opportunity to hop into the Winter X Games by teaming up with ESPN. Slopestyle, Super Pipe, and Big Air courses from the 2016 X Games in Aspen have been recreated in game, giving players the chance to compete for gold and unlock and exclusive hoodie.