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Boosters and Skins Rule Paladins Update Patch 36

Patch 36 went live today in Hi-Rez Studios’ free-to-play Paladins. This particular update introduces a slew of fixes and updates to current features (as open beta patches frequently do) but also tacks on a few new skins and adds boosters to the game. Feeling in the Halloween spirit? Check out Bomb King’s new Pumpking skin in the video above. If you’re looking for more of an Agent 47 vibe, check out the Triggerman or Kingpin skins for Buck. While these skins are Epic level, new common skins have been added for Grover and the hero’s head and body can now be customized seperatley.

Boosters are now available for purchase and can be obtained in both 7-day and 30-day varieties. Boosters provide a boost (duh) to experience for champions, your profile, and gold. Purchased boosts are enabled as soon as you buy them. Party boosters have also launched and while these boosts do not require purchase, you will be required to party with friends to get that little bit extra from these boosts.

Check out the patch notes for the list of all the other updates made to the game and to see if Fernando got nerfed again or not.