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Full Metal Judge Passes Death Sentences to Fellow Heavy Metal Machines Heroes


Check out this backstory for Heavy Metal Machines’ new hero, Full Metal Judge…and yes…I’m serious, this is the legit backstory…and it’s AWESOME. Full Metal Judge gets captured by the “Sect of Metal.”

During captivity he is brainwashed and turned into a killing machine bent on dispensing sweet, sweet metal justice upon heretics in his on bullet raining way.

As a Transporter type hero, Full Metal Judge will mainly be used to move the bomb around, but when push comes to shove (see what I did there?), the Judge can certainly hold his own dishing out damage…provided the player is skilled enough to aim some of the Judge’s abilities correctly.

Check out the Judge’s preview page and keep your eyes posted to MMOBomb if you’re looking for access to the Heavy Metal Machines beta as a little birdie told me (ok..I told myself) that a giveaway may be posted shortly.