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ArcheAge’s Revelation Expansion Hits Servers December 10th

On December 10th, Trion Worlds and XLGames will unleash the 3.0 expansion, Revelation, on the ArcheAge servers and, you guessed it, just like every company says, Revelation will be the biggest update ArcheAge has ever had to date.

Players will be able to play as two new races, the Dwarves and the Warborn (which look like beefier versions of TERA’s Castanic race to me). These races come complete with new animations, skills, and new empowered forms that they can change into when things get dicey. Revelation also adds 5 new zones to the world, introduces a new “Fresh Start” server to both the NA and European server lists, and plenty of new land for players to claim.

Those of you already at endgame can start to tackle the challenges of ArcheAge’s new Alternate Experience System. Do you have one of your ten skill trees at max level? If so, you can take on a series of quests that culminate in you gaining access to Abyssal Skills, the most powerful abilities available.

If that isn’t enough for ArcheAge fans, check out the expansion’s official site to see the massive list of new items, mounts, content, and more in store for adventurers come December 10th.