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STO Launches Agents of Yesterday “Artifacts” Update, Boasts A Million Players On Console

Time continues to churn along for Star Trek Online with the latest update for the game, Agents of Yesterday – Artifacts. The update is now live and continues the Agents of Yesterday storyline with new content and some old friends. Or is it old content and new friends? Time travel is so confusing…

Captains will be greeted with a new episode that re-introduces the Lukan race from Season 11 where they’ll travel to a distant star system and “begin to unravel a mystery that will have long lasting consequences.” After being “lost” in the previous update, Starbase K-13 returns as a TOS-themed Fleet Holding, as well as offering TOS-era weapons and bridge officers, the latter of which have been preserved in cryostasis and will surely adapt quickly to technology a century and a half beyond what they’re used to.

In addition to the update, Perfect World Entertainment has announced that 1.1 million players have joined the game since its launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month. That count includes 1,617 fleets — the game’s equivalent of guilds — and 2.7 million bridge officers. Did you ask if there was an infographic? Of course there’s an infographic!